Myth-busting “Coffee for Roses”

It’s so frustrating to see so many untrue and unrealistic garden practices being perpetuated in the gardening world. So, it was a pleasure when I came across C.L. Fornari’s Coffee for Roses … and 70 other misleading myths about backyard gardening.

Garden myths exposed

C.L. Fornari’s explores 71 garden myths and discredits them with gentle humour and wisdom. It’s so easy to become strident and/or condescending with some of the silly practices out there. C.L. doesn’t go there. Hats off to C.L. Fornari!


Out of the 71 backyard gardening myths, over one-quarter of them are soil related. From adding sand to clay soil to putting compost in planting holes, C.L. Fornari backs up her conclusions with sound solid information.


If you’re interested in treating your garden soil right, this is the book to get. If you want a preview of some of C.L. Fornari’s garden myths, join us on #groundchat on Friday, May 22 at 2 pm EST/ 1 pm EST/ 11 am PST. C.L. Fornari is covering 8 of her favourite soil-related gardening myths. No, I’m not telling you what they are just yet.


And there’s more! C.L. Fornari is giving away her book, Coffee for Roses, to the most active person on #groundchat. Join us!

Written by Cristina da Silva
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in Book & Product Reviews

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  1. Emmett says:

    I use coffee grounds in my compost pile.

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