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I am a great fan of Twitter, but with so much information and people, it’s easy to spend most of your time tweeting without really “talking” to anyone. The solution?  Tweetups: an organized focused session on a particular gardening/landscaping topic.  It’s the best filter for finding excellent garden-related information.

In case you don’t know,  garden tweetups are organized by either individuals or businesses. Tweetups are usually weekly, and happen on the same day at the same time, with a set topic. Nothing random here. The only thing you need to do to join a tweetup is to have a free Twitter account.


In the past two years, some great tweetups have sprung up on Twitter. Within each area, a different topic is discussed every week, and usually hosted by an expert in that topic.


#Gardenchat                Mon 9-10 pm

#Treechat                    Tues 2-3 pm

#Landscapechat           Wed 2-3 pm

#Herbchat                    Thurs 2-3 pm

#Seedchat                    Wed 9-10 pm

#Rosechat                    Last Wed of every month 8-9 pm

#Soilchat                     Fri 2-3 pm



Bren Haas, a gardener and artist in Ohio, started  #gardenchat, and it has taken off. Topics include gardening trends, growing year-round, roses and flower shows. Very popular tweetup!


Corona Tools, with Chris Sabbarese at the helm, organizes #treechat and #landscapechat.


On #landscapechat, Corona Tools has paired up ValleyCrest, the largest design, landscape and maintenance company in theUSA. A high-powered tweetup that keeps me up-to-date with the landscape industry.


On #treechat there are many arborist businesses, organizations and associations.  A fun informative tweetup on all things trees: from growing and maintaining trees to urban forest management. Regular contributors to #treechat include (in alphabetic order):


Davey Tree Experts (business)

JD Hernandez  Forest Products (business)

New Jersey Tree Foundation (non-profit organization)

The Care of Trees (business)

Tree Care Industry Association (industry association).


Geri Laufer, a horticulturist and garden writer based in Atlanta, Georgia, runs #herbchat. This tweetup discusses all things herbal, from growing herbs to cooking and decorating with herbs. Lovely, informative tweetup.


I haven’t participated in #rosechat because I am not a big fan of roses. And I haven’t had the time to tweet with #seedchat, so I can’t say too much about it.


With soil being the main way we grow our plants, I felt there was a gap in the tweetups.  So I decided to start up #soilchat this spring. Every week on Friday between 2 and 3 pm EST, I will cover different topics: from soil tests to growing suitable plants for your soil and everything in-between.


This week’s #soilchat topic:  the impact of soil on your life: from childhood to adulthood.  By the end of the chat, I am sure we will appreciate the power lying quietly beneath our feet.


How to participate!

To follow any of these tweetups, you can either search Twitter for the tweetup using the hash tag or join tweetchat, a free app for designed for tweetups.


For example, if you want to follow TreeChat on Twitter, you type the hash tag plus TreeChat (#TreeChat) to follow the stream. If you want to join in the conversation, make sure you add “#TreeChat” to your tweet so that your tweet is included in the twitter stream.


If you find that you keep forgetting to add “#TreeChat” use Tweetchat. It automatically adds “#TreeChat” to your tweet. All you need to sign up for Tweetchat is a Twitter account.

Written by Cristina da Silva
Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Soils & Growing Media

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  1. Wow Cristina! Thanks for putting together this great resource of garden-related chats. Thanks also for mentioning #treechat and #landscapechat on the same list with some of the other awesome tweet chats out there. Congrats on the launch of #soilchat and I’m looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

  2. I LOVE the idea of #soilchat …. can’t wait to hear all about the different ways to get growing in the soil.

  3. Xan says:

    You need to specify which time zone you used.

  4. Dennis says:

    Cristina, #landscapechat greatly appreciates the kind words. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the past year on the Twitter chat. You’ve asked some great questions and always contribute great insights to the conversation — all of which makes it rewarding for us too. We’re looking forward to another year of great chats — and excited to see how #soilchat takes off! Best, Dennis & Colleen

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