Life is always full of choices. Today, I had a couple of choices to make.

It was such a wonderful sunny day today with no wind and a balmy 15 degree Celsius (59 degree Fahrenheit). I was tempted to take the day off and go for a walk in the woods with my husband and dog. But I also knew it was one of last nice days to work in the garden.

I decided to garden. I needed to accommodate the extra downspout by expanding the “dry” river bed. I had another decision to make. I really wanted a rain garden to absorb all the water coming from both my neighbours’ roofs, but it would clash with the existing landscape. I was torn. I spent weeks trying to decide.

Reason prevailed. My property isn’t large enough to build a rain garden large enough to accommodate all the water coming from two houses. ┬áThe dense clay soil certainly couldn’t absorb all that water.

I decided, instead, to expand the river bed and have a couple of areas where some of the water could be absorbed by the soil. Along the edge, I continued the existing perennial bed so that it blended with the existing landscape.

With pleasant working conditions, the digging, pouring pea gravel, placing river rocks, building a perennial bed and mulching went smoothly. By the end of the day I completed the river bed and prepared the perennial bed for a major planting next year.

It was a perfect day. I just had a few choices to make.

Written by Cristina da Silva
Monday, October 24, 2011 in Landscaping & Soil

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