Great News for #groundchat

Great news on the #groundchat front. Not only did I celebrate #groundchat’s third birthday on March 30, but I also received Trademark approval notice for #groundchat on the same day!

Big thanks to Kirk McKay, my husband, who navigated through the choppy waters of legalize. Kirk filed the trademark application on November 27, 2013. After several back and forth amendments and letters, the #groundchat approval came through.


The official letters always made it look like the application was being rejected. But Kirk, who is proficient in legalize, assured me that wasn’t the case. Kirk promptly sent his replies and bingo, here it is 16 months later, a freshly minted trademark to my name.


March 30 marked #groundchat’s third birthday. Who knew that chatting about soil would find a regular and eager audience? I’m thrilled that #groundchat has found its footing and is here to celebrate and contribute to FAO’s 2015 International Year of Soils.

So onwards with #groundchat onto its fourth year!

Written by Cristina da Silva
Friday, April 10, 2015 in #groundchat News

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