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Ready to jazz up your garden writing with perfect photos?

Images enhance articles, catalogues, blogs and so much more.

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Social Media

Create a vibrant online business presence!

The business model has changed. It is no longer enough to have a website.

You need to engage the public on Social Media.

Let me help you create a dynamic Social Media presence.

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I believe in tailoring my presentations to your group.

My aim is to make all my presentations entertaining, engaging, thoughtful and informative.

Want a scintillating presentation for your group or show?

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Presentations to date…

  • Spring bulbs at the Biltmore
  • To bee or not to Bee
  • If you can’t beat them eat them. Edible weeds
  • Sexy and smart kitchen gardens
  • Incorporating vegetables into your ornamental garden
  • Plant explorer: Alice Eastwood
  • Serenity gardens
  • Soil: back to the future
  • Sound in the garden
  • Balcony gardens
  • Whimsical, fun and crazy gardens
  • Social media for gardeners
  • Keeping your garden pest- and disease-free, naturally
  • What is sustainable garden design?
  • Social media for garden writers


Garden consultations

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why are my plants dying?

How and when do I divide my perennials and transplant my shrubs?

Where should I put my new vegetable garden?

What is that eating my azaleas?

How do I reduce the amount of time I need to spend in my garden?

What am I going to do in this part of the garden?


Why book a consultation visit? 
An hour or two will resolve your question.

A garden consultation will give you the answers and peace of mind.

After the consultation, I will prepare a solution and remedy report.

My promise to you: sound reliable advice with spectacular results


My credentials
Two horticultural degrees (University of Guelph)

Residential Garden Design certificate from North Shore Continuing Education

Thirty years working in the horticultural industry

Member of Mississauga Master Gardeners

Feel ready to solve your garden woes?

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